Piyush J. Patel is president of PiKen Productions, publishers of Relentless Pursuit.

A world-renowned entrepreneur and philanthropist, Piyush J. Patel has spent a lifetime developing greater public understanding of history.

In 2010, he produced The Murder Trial of John Gordon, a stage play written by Ken Dooley. The play depicts an 1843 travesty of justice that resulted hanging of an Irish immigrant who was hanged in 1845. A review of the facts of this case in 2011 resulted in the 2011 exoneration of the last man to be executed in the Rhode Island.

When Pi Patel later learned of the brutal death of Cranston native, Robert Thorpe, and the heroism of men of the 39th Fighter Squadron, he put his resources behind the publication of this book.

Piyush Patel has a well-deserved reputation for supporting good causes, whether they emanate from his native India or his adopted country, the United States.