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Photo [L to R] Ken Dooley, Fr. Bernie O'Rielly, Fr. Bernard Healy, Rep. Peter Martin

As a legislator, State Rep. Peter Martin introduced the legislation in 2013 that led to Gov. Lincoln Chafee signing a pardon for John Gordon, an immigrant Irishman who was hanged in 1845.

Martin also introduced the legislation that resulted in the honoring of 2nd Lt. Robert Thorpe at ceremonies at both the RI State House and Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Exeter, RI.

Ken Dooley was aware of Martin's expertise as a politician. It was Martin's expertise in computer technology and creative work that took Dooley by surprise. After learning about Martin's experiences, Dooley went to him with questions about design and layout.

Martin is responsible for the graphic design of Relentless Pursuit and the creation of its website.

"Some politicians talk about all of the things they are going to do," Dooley said. "Peter Martin is a doer, not a talker," Dooley added.