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Author Ken Dooley grew up in the same neighborhood as Bob Thorpe in Edgewood, RI.

He and Bob's brother, Gill, became close friends as they shared stories about their brothers during WWII. While both of Dooley's brothers, Bill and Bob, returned successfully, Bob Thorpe was captured and executed by the Japanese in 1944.

Dooley left RI and spent the next forty years in Connecticut, Manhattan, Pennsylvania and Florida.

In 2007, Dooley read an article about Gill's attempts to bury his brother's remains with his parents. Dooley reconnected with Gill and agreed to recover records that had been classified by the military as "secret" for more than sixty years. Testimony, squadron reports, emails and telephone and in-person interviews that led to the publication of "Relentless Pursuit."

Dooley has written other books, including a biography of Red Auerbach, legendary coach and president of the Boston Celtics. He is currently writing "From White to Black," the story of the first black players in the NBA. He has written a number of screenplays and plays, including "The Murder Trial of John Gordon" that prompted Gov. Lincoln Chafee to sign a pardon for a man who has been executed in 1845.

Dooley lives in Newport, RI.